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We should all stop using this website. 

no these are the reasons we should keep on using this fahlhfkhlging website

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I just wanted to draw some adorable moment..

나도 훈훈하고 귀여운 거 그려보고 싶었는데!!

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Mario vs. Master Chief by SebastianvonBuchwald
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Halowars – concept art by Alessandro Baldasseroni 


Halowars – concept art by Alessandro Baldasseroni 

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The calm before the storm
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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter!

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Halo cosplayers from Salt Lake Comic Con FanX, April 2014. 

I only took the pictures. 

The three guys in the bottom picture were so relieved when I asked if I could have a few pictures with their helmets off—they were sweating in their armor.  They guy dressed as Master Chief was really tall, it was perfect!  (The guy in the blue and orange armor is my new headcanon of what Caboose looks like under his helmet.) 

"Take me with you!"

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